Endometritis and Leukorrhagia
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Endometritis is a feature of pelvic inflammatory disease. Endometritis is an infection of the endometrium or decidua, with extension into the myometrium and parametrial tissues. Endometritis may also occur following childbirth; abortion, or intrauterine device (IUD) insertion. Acute endometritis is characterized by the presence of neutrophils within the endometrial glands. Chronic endometritis is characterized by the presence of plasma cells and lymphocytes within the endometrial stroma. More recent work has questioned whether endometritis is a discreet condition or part of a continuum.

Chinese medicine has effective results for endometritis. In Chinese medicine, it can be classified into several categories, cause(s) for individual is different since each person is unique and different, the specific treatment plan will be conducted accordingly. How quickly respond to the treatment and getting results are determined by many factors, sizes and locations of fibroid, severity of endometritis, and individual’s condition, etc.. By differentiating each person plus consistent treatment, a long and effective results will be achieved.

If you have the Symptoms of Leukorrhagia--Endometritis, we would say herbal medicine is a safe and effective form of treatment. At TCM Window, we offer relaxing treatments and expert guidance through the whole process. We specialize in different kinds of chronic and difficult miscellaneous diseases, we offer the best possible care in a peaceful and welcoming environment. If you would want our expert to create a TCM diagnosis, please fill out the health form as requested.

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