Enlarged ovary and PCOS
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Ovarian cyst is the most common disease of women reproductive organs. Although the ovary not quite large, but due to adjacent other organs, once the symptoms of ovarian cysts appear, ovarian cyst can lead to many other symptoms and comorbid symptoms. If it has growth to enlarged ovary, this may grow to a huge threat for women.

Ovarian has a complex tissue structure ,it is the vital organs to keep the normal women function , the normal size of ovary is like thumb, when is increase the size more than it, the most causes of enlarged ovary is from comorbid symptoms of ovarian cyst,besides,with other disease like PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome ),even though most of the cysts on ovary are not harmful, they can recover by themselves, with an early treatment, it can stop the risk like ovarian cyst rupture and other secondary symptoms.

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