Enlarged uterus and fibroid
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The problem of an enlarged uterus is experienced by many women, especially during menopause. The problem arises from the bulging out of the uterus due to various reasons. It is often misunderstood as a sign of pregnancy, but many conditions can cause enlarged uterus; however, these conditions are mostly benign. Risk factors of enlarged uterus include as follows:

(1) Fibroids: Tumor growth near the uterus causes enlarged uterus. The growth disturbs the uterine wall, making the uterus enlarged.
(2) Menopause: Menopause comes with a whole set of problems. The hormonal-level fluctuation during menopause causes enlarged uterus in addition to the more well-known symptoms.
(3) Adenomyosis: The condition is very much like endometriosis. In adenomyosis, the tissue of the uterine lining starts growing inside the walls of the uterus. This causes the uterus to become big.
(4) Ovarian cysts: The fluid-filled sacs called ovarian cysts can also be blamed for enlarged uterus.
(5) Previous surgery: A previous surgery near the pelvis can result in an enlarged uterus. Such a condition leads to a complication known as endometriosis. It is an infection and causes the uterus to swell.

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