Hard Stools and Constipation
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Normal stool consistency is firm but soft. The moisture content in stool has to be sufficient to ensure that the stool remains soft but not watery and unable to retain its form. However, as the water content in stool decreases, it becomes dry and hard. As a a result passing stool can be difficult and even painful. It may lead to conditions like Hemorrhoids.

After food is digested and nutrients absorbed, intestinal chyme from the small intestine passes into the large intestine. It is this watery chyme that will be solidified to form stool. The large intestine absorbs water from the chyme as it moves through. The chyme is transformed from a watery consistency to mush and then solid stool as we know it. However, if there are problems in the large intestine where water is absorbed excessively then the stool may become dry and hard. This can also happen if stool stays in the colon of the large intestine for too long.

Therefore people who are constipated are more likely to experience dry and hard stool. Apart from the difficulty in defecating, as well as discomfort or pain, the dry and hard stool can become impacted. Here it forms into a very hard mass that obstructs the colon or rectum. Softer stool cannot pass through (obstipation) and it can lead to stretching of the large intestine (megacolon). Some serious complications of obstipation is damage to the nerves in the colon wall and even rupturing of the colon.

Home Remedies for Constipation
-- Cantaloupe is one of best fruits you can eat to avoid constipation. It is a source of many minerals, and Vitamin A and C. Cantaloupe has sufficient amount of fiber and is useful remedy for hard stool treatment.

-- Papaya also provides relief from hard stool problems. As papaya is an excellent natural laxative food, it serves as one of the beneficial home remedies for constipation.

-- Using orange as a remedy for hard stool treatment is very beneficial. Taking 1 or 2 oranges at bedtime and again on rising in the morning is a brilliant way of encouraging the bowels to have easy evacuation.

-- The best and simplest home remedy for hard stool problem is to drink a glass of lemon juice in water with a pinch of salt in it. This will treat any form of constipation, which may be present.

-- Flaxseed oil is also one of the good home remedies for constipation. Take 1 to 2 tablespoon of flaxseed oil with plenty of water right after lunch or dinner as an effective remedy for hard stool treatment.

-- Boysenberry juice has a mild natural laxative action on your bowel. When your constipation is gentle, boysenberry juice will help move things in your colon.

-- Consuming walnuts is considered as one of the effective home remedies for constipation. It will help to have bowel movement within 6-7 hours. Doing this every day will stay constipation at bay.

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