Postpartum Depression and Depressive Syndrome
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Chinese medicine complement the recovery period bringing the mothers body back to balance quickly through the use of herbs, dietary recommendations, acupuncture and moxbustion (a warming process using the herb Artisimae). All this therapy brings new energy into a woman’s system after she has given birth. The focus of treatment is to harmonize the body’s energies through correcting imbalances in the system. These imbalances can arise when the body is not allowed to return to its natural balance on its own terms without the high stress of modern society.

Tonics like ginseng and astragalus (to lift the energy in the body) are used after giving birth, they help the body to balance itself by boosting the immune system and giving the bodies core energy a chance to rebuild. Cooked Rhemannia, and Lycium berries (to nourish the blood and fluids) are also important, though the emphasis on which of these herbs should be the primary ingredients is best determined by a practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine. This is only a caution because some people will tend to have a more difficult pattern (the condition underlying the symptoms) which require more attention to detail, this is one advantage to Chinese medicine, it addresses everyone differently. "It is the skilled Chinese medicine doctor who able to recognize the root condition and clip back the necessary branch symptoms that arise along the way that attains balance in those he treats".

If you have the Symptoms of Depressive Syndrome--Postpartum Depression, we would say herbal medicine is a safe and effective form of treatment. At TCM Window, we offer relaxing treatments and expert guidance through the whole process. We specialize in different kinds of chronic and difficult miscellaneous diseases, we offer the best possible care in a peaceful and welcoming environment. If you would want our expert to create a TCM diagnosis, please fill out the health form as requested.

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