Spleen Deficiency and Hyperviscosity Syndrome
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In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the Spleen is paired with the Stomach and is related to food and fluid assimilation in the restore-the-middle-way.jpgbody and the transformation of these substances into usable nutrients and substances. The Spleen function in this context is very different from the way that the spleen organ is viewed in western medicine. Spleen Qi Deficiency is associated with Internal Dampness, weight gain, digestive issues, and the emotions related to the Earth Element including an apathetic view-point or worrisome personality.

Spleen Function TCM
-- Controls the raising of Qi
-- Controls-contains the Blood
-- Transforms and transports foods and fluids

What Causes Spleen Qi Imbalances?
Typically, Spleen damage (TCM) occurs with poor lifestyle habits including an improper diet, too much exposure to a damp environment or damp weather, or a genetic pre-disposition to Spleen imbalances. Medications such as steroids and prolonged use of antibiotics can also damage the Spleen (TCM) and lead to Internal Dampness. Many of us were over-prescribed antibiotics as children, damaging are sensitive and underdeveloped digestive systems; this set the stage for chronic allergies, sinusitis, fungal infections, and digestive issues in our adult years.

Main Indications of Spleen Qi Deficiency
It is not necessary to have all of the indications of Spleen Qi Deficiency, but a multitude of symptoms would begin to suggest a pattern of Spleen Qi Deficiency:
-- Poor appetite
-- Nausea
-- Digestive issues
-- Eating disorders
-- Loose stools
-- Undigested food in stool
-- Dull stomach pain
-- Easy sweating without exertion
-- Gas and abdominal distension
-- Dampness internally
-- Diabetes and Hypoglycemia

Diseases Related
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