Chest Tightness and Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome
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Chest tightness is a medical condition that is basically defined by alteration in comfort that is emitted on the chest and can even radiate to neighboring areas of the body. Usually, a person suffering from this condition would complain of immediate of a sudden pressure sensation on the chest. A person with such manifestation would seem to identify this as a sign of threat in health as this is known to be a typical sign of a cardiovascular disease. There could also be other underlying conditions associated to such ailment and should be readily resolved when identified. It is a grave manifestation that should not be taken lightly as this can place a great threat in one’s life.

Home Remedies
If the culprit in a case of chest congestion is a simple cold or flu virus, the congestion can usually be treated at home. One very popular remedy is the steam treatment. This treatment method involves the congested person sitting in a bathroom with the doors and windows shut and a hot shower running. The person does not need to be in the shower to get relief. The steam helps break up the mucous in the chest and will induce a wet, productive cough. This same steam method can be done by boiling a pot of water and carefully leaning over to inhale the steam.

Many folk remedies are still used today as well. Although many people may not enjoy the taste of onions, they are an excellent choice for relieving chest congestion. Two tablespoons of onions boiled in a cup of water makes an effective tea. Adding some garlic to the mixture doubles the effectiveness of the powerful concoction.

Aromatherapy & Natural Remedies
There are a number of aromatherapy treatments that can provide instant relief as well. Aromatherapy uses essential oils either in a burner or as a massage oil. A powerful oil that opens up the airways is Eucalyptus. Lavender and Peppermint essential oils are also very helpful in breaking up chest congestion. The refreshing smells are invigorating and will help a person feel better in no time. Essential oils are very powerful and should never be applied directly to a person’s skin. Most oils are sold in small one or two ounce bottles. The prices range from five to twenty dollars a bottle.

Yet another option, is the use of homeopathic medicines. These can be purchased online or in a health food store. Typically, they start under ten dollars with the most expensive around twenty dollars. Some homeopathic medicines that are great for clearing chest congestion include garlic, comfrey root and cayenne pepper.

Garlic has natural infection fighting properties and can help get rid of any mild infection that may be starting in the lungs. One of the best things about homeopathic medicines is they are all natural and people rarely have any allergic reactions to them. However, every person responds differently to each type of medicine and many times trial and error is the only way to discover a cure for each person.

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