Dry Cough and Pericarditis
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A cough is mainly to clear the air way from irritants and is a symptom, not a disease by itself. It can be broadly divided into 2 categories ---dry cough (non-productive) and chesty (productive) cough. There is production of phlegm or mucus in productive cough. Inflammation of the throat and the upper respiratory tract results in dry cough. The cough starts due to an uncomfortable irritating or ticklish feeling in the throat.

Home Remedies
A lot of home remedies have been suggested to get relief from cough. They are especially beneficial when cough affects badly through the night. Some of the home remedies are given below:
?Warm Liquids:
Warm liquids like water, soup or herbal tea soothe the inflammation in the throat and relieve the tendency of coughing. They can be taken throughout the day in small quantities.

Gargling is known to relieve soreness in the throat. Warm water and salt gargles reduce the symptoms by draining excess fluid from the affected area. It also helps in removing the irritants and thins down the mucus in the throat.

Throat Lozenges:
Throat lozenges contain substances which provide relief. They contain cough suppressant like dextromethorphan and anesthetic like benzocaine. Other ingredients are usually honey, menthol, peppermint and eucalyptus oil.

Turmeric Milk:
Turmeric milk is very traditional and popular remedy for cough. Mixing half teaspoon of turmeric in one glass of warm milk provides relief for cough. The anti-bacterial properties of turmeric will work effectively on the throat.

Honey Mixture:
It soothes the lining of the throat and reduces cough. Honey can be had in various ways--- in combination with turmeric, honey and grape juice together, warm milk with honey before going to bedand warm water with honey and lemon juice which can be taken 3 times a day.

Ginger promotes salivation and mucus secretion and helps to relieve cough symptoms.A mixture of ginger juice, honey, turmeric and black pepper powder provides relief from congestion and reduces cough.

Humidifiers: Humidifiers are beneficial to provide relieve from dry cough, especially in a dry room. However, it’s very critical to ensure that the humidifier is clean, as bacteria and fungus can circulate in the room from a dirty humidifier.

Steamy Showers:
A warm, steamy shower can help in relieving dry cough which is caused by cold, flu, asthma and allergies. It also helps in getting rid of nose blockage.

Vitamin C Tablets and Cod Liver Oil:
Cod Liver oil is rich in Vitamin E, and when taken along with vitamin C, it can help to fight the bacteria or virus which has caused the cough. They also help to enhance immunity.

Avoid Irritants in the Air:
Smoking, perfumes and air fresheners release particles in the air which can be irritants to the respiratory tract. They cause irritation in the sinus and can lead to chronic cough. Avoiding the use of such products and quitting smoking are very important.

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