Hacking Cough and Heart Failure
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A cough is a defensive reflex function of the body in order to clear irritants from the lungs and chest cavity. Generally, a dry hacking cough occurs towards the end of a common cold. However, some external irritants like smoke and dust can also cause a dry cough. Also, there is no discharge of mucus or phlegm with a dry cough.

Smoking, postnasal drip, Asthma, and acid reflux are the common causes for a dry hacking cough. Usually, a dry cough begins and disappears suddenly. However, an acute dry cough that is associated with a cold comes suddenly and lasts up to three weeks. A chronic dry cough, however, that lasts over a long period may be a sign of a serious disorder. For a persistent dry hacking cough, one should consult a doctor immediately.

Remedies for a Hacking Cough
Even though coughing is not a serious condition compared with other respiratory disorders, it is annoying and affects the day-to-day activities. Dry cough is more painful because the lack of mucus dries up the throat even more. Natural remedies are the most effective treatment for a dry cough.

-- Salt water gargle is an effective way of treating a dry hacking cough. Add a bit of salt to lukewarm water and gargle with it. A salt gargle helps loosen up the mucus, and salt also contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

-- Honey has a plenty of curative properties and is recommended as a great home remedy for many ailments. The combination of honey with turmeric powder is a good remedy for a hacking cough. Honey and lemon juice and honey and onion juice are also excellent cough remedies.

-- Drink more water. Water has mucus thinning properties and can lessen the dryness in the throat and help you to feel better.

-- Ginger combines with the healing property of honey and results in an excellent home remedy for a hacking cough. Chewing fresh ginger slices is another handy way to cure a hacking cough.

-- Marshmallow root, lobelia, mullein, and wild cherry bark are some of the herbs that soothe the throat and ease the dry cough. Herbal tea made from slippery elm helps to suppress dry cough as it provides soothing effect to the throat. Yerba Santa, lemon grass, cinnamon, orange, and lemon essential oil are other beneficial herbs and essential oils for a hacking cough.

-- Cough suppressants like pholcodine, antihistamines, dextromethorphan are also useful for dry coughs. Consult a doctor instead of self-medicating.

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