Blurred Vision and Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure)
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The eyes are not only associated with the power to 'see', but also with being one of the most delicate organs of the body. With the rise in pollution levels, the number of eye problems and visual disturbances have also increased. The common eye problems observed include blurred vision, sighting of halos and blind spots and floaters, among various other symptoms that result in faulty eyesight. Ir is basically the loss of sharpness of vision. It includes the inability to see small details and if left untreated, the condition results in blind spots or scotomas. These dark spaces within the field of vision create partial blindness.

A shift in vision or blurriness involving the formation of blind spots or halos around lights and at times even dimness should always be addressed in time, at the onset. The evaluation should be conducted by a medical professional, to eliminate the chances of eye disease, aging and injury to the eye. Diabetes is also known to ultimately affect the eyes along with many other organs in your body, if left undetected or unmonitored. It hardly matters what the cause of discrepant vision is, it should never be ignored. Eye defect simply worsens in time and has a great influence on the quality of life and your confidence level.

Professionals who help with eye related issues are trained specialists in specific areas. Opticians dispense glasses, while Optometrists diagnose eye problems and prescribe glasses. Ophthalmologists treat diseases that affect the eyes. Sometimes, certain eye problems are part of some general health problem and in such a situation, the family physician should ideally be involved. It can be the outcome of many different conditions. One of them is Cataract, where there is cloud like filament that is formed over the lens of the eye. This causes poor sight at night and sensitivity to glare. Presbyopia is a condition where the person finds it very difficult to focus on objects that are in close range.

Blurredness is also the outcome of Glaucoma or increased eye pressure. This condition causes poor eyesight, blind spots and ultimately the complete loss of vision in both eyes. In the case of diabetes, diabetic retinopathy can set in, which leads to bleeding within the retina. The most common cause of blindness in people over sixty years of age is macular degeneration. This condition leads to loss of central vision, especially while reading, thereby resulting in distorted vision. Eye infections and inflammation also cause blurriness. Injury to the eye should be dealt with immediately. Other potential causes of eye problems include fatigue and certain medication. Medication like antihistamines and anticholinergics and some high blood pressure pills can affect eyesight.

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