Eye Redness and lridocyclitis
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Red eyes (or bloodshot eyes) are caused by enlarged blood vessels on the surface of the eyeball. While most of the time it is a short-lived ailment, red eyes with more severe symptoms can be a sign of serious health problems and medical attention should be sought immediately. For mild cases of red eye, drops can be purchased at a drugstore to help the appearance of the eye, however it may not ease the discomfort or pain associated with it. Natural cures for red eye are equally effective and can be done from the comforts of your own home. If you are wondering how to remove red eyes, then read more below about how home remedies can help you.

Symptoms of Red Eyes:
Red, watery and itchy eyes are the three main symptoms that one experiences. However, there are more severe symptoms that require immediate medical attention such as:
-- Blurry vision
-- Severe pain
-- Extreme sensitivity to light
-- Halos in the vision field

Natural Remedy for Red Eyes:
An easy home remedy to soothe red eyes is a ice pack. Use it as a cold compress for 5 minutes on each eye, twice a day.

Another natural cure for red and itchy eyes is a simple splash of cold water. This can be done many times a day whenever relief is needed from red eye.

Rosewater is a gentle home remedy that takes away bloodshot eyes. Soak 2 sterile cotton balls with rose water, close the eyes and place a cotton ball on each eye. Leave this on for 15 minutes, twice a day.

If you are wondering how to remove red eyes with a safe and natural cure, a time-tested way to soothe sire eyes is to place a slice of cold cucumber over each closed eye and leave it on for 15 minutes.

Steep 2 bags of green tea for 2 minutes in hot water and remove. Put the teabags in the fridge and when they are cool, place them on the closed eyes and leave it for 15 minutes. This will reduce signs of fatigue and swelling.

Bilberry is an herb that has been proven to treat eye-related ailments.

Boil ? tsp of fennel seeds in 1 cup of water and let them steep for 25 minutes. Then, drain the water out and use it as an eye rinse.

Homeopathic natural eye drops are available from health food stores that mimic natural tears. This is a great alternative to regular eye drops.

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