Loss of Eyelashes and Blepharitis
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The loss of eyelashes mainly means that the breakage or the damage in the hair is of such an extreme extent that the eyelashes have begun to fall off. The loss of eyelashes could be detrimental to your overall health since the eyelashes are responsible for keeping dust, debris and sweat away from your eyes. Without the eyelashes almost anything could irritate your eyes causing them to become irritated and infected.

What are the Treatments Available for It?
The first step into treating eyelash loss is to determine the cause of the damage to your lashes. You can do this by visiting you dermatologist. If your eyelash hair loss is due to age or any medication or disorder then there is really nothing you can do about it at the moment. In cases where the hair loss is due to age, you can vie for eyelash enhancers. However, if the reason for the hair loss is medication or a disorder then you can only wait to get better and once you get better you can continue eating healthier so that your eyelash hair can grow back to its former glory. If the reason for the eyelash loss is merely an allergic reaction, you can have them test you to find out what is causing this reaction. Usually it is a negative reaction to your makeup products, and then a simple change of these can be of help to you.

How to get Rid of This Problem?
The solution would be to eat right and continue taking food that is needed by your body to have healthy eyelashes. Conditioning your eyelashes may also alleviate this problem since it rehydrates your dry and brittle eyelashes. Changing your makeup will also get rid of the problem if it is found that you’re having an allergic reaction to it. Also, being gentle when applying and removing makeup can do a world of wonders to your eyelash health.

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