Photophobia and Herpes Simplex Keratitis
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There are many different causes of photophobia, but it is usually a symptom of another condition or disease. Photophobia happens to people of all ages and both sexes. It can be temporary or constant. A common temporary occurrence is leaving a movie theatre after a matinee showing. After being in darkness for so long, your eyes adjust to the dim lighting.

Once the movie is over and you leave the theater, however, sunlight can be almost unbearable. Typically this increased sensitivity to light is temporary. Constant photophobia is usually an indicator of another problem, for which medical attention should be sought. Sometimes this photophobia is a result of abnormalities in the front of the eye. This is where the cornea and the tears need to work together to create a smooth and lubricated surface to begin the process of focusing light properly.

Symptoms of Photophobia
-- Discomfort
-- Need to close eyes
-- Need to squint
-- Burning
-- Excessive tearing

Photophobia Treatment
The best way to treat photophobia is to address the underlying cause. In most cases, if you treat the underlying cause, the sensitivity levels decrease and the photophobia disappears. If the photophobia is due to medications, talking with your prescribing doctor about changing medications could help.

Another solution is to reduce the amount of light that enters the eyes. Dimming or turning off indoor lights, closing window curtains, and wearing sunglasses with polarized lenses are all things you can do at home to help your situation. A prosthetic contact lens that mimics the color of your eye can also be used. In some cases, avoiding bright light situations altogether could be the only solution. Inform your eye doctor about any issues you may have, including sensitivity to light, even if you believe your case is mild.

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