Erythermalgia and Erythromelalgia
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Erythromelalgia (sometimes called Mitchell's disease and acromelalgia) is an expression originated from the Greek word "erythros + melos" meaning an extremity, and "algos" which means pain. An unusual form of neurovascular peripheral disease that is common among individuals over fifty years of age. A certain situation that give rise to a condition called "Burning Feet Syndrome", wherein definite occurrences of burning pain of affected extremities, severe skin redness, and is accompanied by discomforting signs like inflammation and sweating of foot is present.

In addition, having Mitchell's disease typically influences both sides of the body (bilateral), and sometimes occupies only one side (unilateral) to the affected area. It is known to be caused by condition like heavy metal poisoning along with the fungal and other infections.

Ordinarily, almost sixty percent of the individuals globally are affected by this illness and it is the females are known to experience from this condition than the male ones. This disease may result in worsening the quality of life of the affected person that resulting in the inability to function in a work place, lack of mobility, sudden depression, and etc. for it often appears swollen and tend to be worsen when summer is coming.
Primary and Secondary Erythromelalgia is the two categories of erythromelalgia that fall under this condition and is notably come out in the majority of patients especially in our elderly females particularly at night.

If an individual has a medical problem called erythromelalgia the following are the effective means of solving this particular condition. This treatment depends on the severity of the signs and symptoms of the disease as well as occurrence of its underlying medical disease, disorder or condition.

-- Applying cream and ointments
It has a cooling effect on our feet and also relieves the pain.

-- Lowering body's temperature
This treatment can help by raising the limbs and placing it in a cool water for it provides temporary relief only.

--- Using of Magnets
It also helps in reducing the pain. It must be used after checking by your physician due to some advantages that may occur while using this kind of treatment.

-- Taking certain medication such as aspirin
It helps in diminishing the indications of the situation.

-- Taking vitamin C as a supplement
Supports the immune system and helps eradicate accumulated toxic matters inside the body.

-- Eat well-balanced diet
It will help in stimulating circulation of the nerves throughout our body.

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