Constipation and Ascites
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Constipation is a problem with your digestive system, not a kind of illness. In fact, it is a situation when your bowel movements are hard to work or happen less than normal. It takes a long time of you to sit in the toilet and try to push things out of your bowel, but nothing happens. Sometimes, it causes pain. If constipation lasts for a long times, it can be the main reason to directly cause hemorrhoids. In recent years, the state of constipation in young people, especially those who work in the workplace is on the rise. The main reason is due to heavy work pressures, excessive psychological stresses, lacks of physical activities, sports and long time sitting in office.

Home remedy for constipation
Fennel is one kind of herb that can be used not only to get rid of constipation but also to solve many kinds of diseases such as: indigestion, bloating and irritable bowel syndrome. When entering in your body, it helps the digestive tract move smoother and relieves the constipation.
-- Roast 1 cup of fennel seeds. Grind them and save the power in a jar. Every time using fennel seeds power, you take ? teaspoon of it and put into a cup of warm water.
-- Stir and drink this kind of water. Home remedy with fennel should be daily taken to get the best result.

-- Lemon is one of the most effective home remedies for constipation. It can help you relieve constipation by stimulating and strengthening digestive system.
-- Squeeze half of a lemon to get the lemon juice. Pour out some water and then add a little salt and honey. Drink this kind of water in the morning, when you have not eaten something yet.
-- Also you can add some lemon juice to your tea and enjoy. It will not only treat constipation, but also make your tea tastier.
These methods will help you keep drinking more water every day which is really good for your long term digestion. Keep drinking lemon water daily to get the best results.

Honey is an amazing natural ingredient that can be used to treat a wide range of diseases at home. For how to get rid of constipation, you can use it as a mild laxative.
-- The simplest way to use honey is directly eat it. You can take honey 3 times a day with the amount of 2 teaspoons each time.
-- Another way, mix 1 teaspoon of honey with lemon juice and add some warm water. Drink this honey-lemon juice every morning before having breakfast to see its wonderful usage.

Sesame Seeds:
This kind of home remedy for constipation is favored by Chinese and Amish folk healers. Sesame seeds consist of the oil that can help keep moisturize the intestines to prevent the problem from happening.
Sesame seeds can be used as additional ingredients to your cereals or salads. Try them and you will get relief from the constipation.

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