Inquiry of Constipation in TCM diagnosis
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Constipation means difficulty in defecation or prolonged defecation or even no defecation in several days due to dry feces. Constipation is usually caused by retention of heat in the intestines, or consumption of body fluid, or insufficiency of yin blood which fails to moisten the intestines and causes excessive dryness in the intestines. Sometimes constipation also results from failure of asthenic qi to propel, or from obstruction of the intestines due to cold coagulation due to yang asthenia.

Constipation, accompanied by abdominal fullness, distending pain and impalpable pain, fever and yellowish dry fur, is due to heat retention in the intestines which prevents qi in the fu organ to flow; constipation, accompanied by cold pain in the abdomen, cold extremities, pale tongue with whitish fur and deep and slow pulse, is due to failure of asthenic yang to transport and internal exuberance of yin cold which stagnate the intestinal qi~constipation, accompanied by shortness of breath, spiritual lassitude, pale tongue and weak pulse, is usually due to qi asthenia; constipation, accompanied by pale complexion, lips and tongue, dizziness and palpitation, is usually due to blood asthenia; constipation, accompanied by dry mouth, red cheeks and reddish tongue with scanty fur, is usually due to consumption of body fluid resulting from yin asthenia.

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