Acute Gastritis TCM Therapy

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How to prevent acute gastritis

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(1) Patients suffering the acute gastritis should lie in bed for rest and pay attention to keep warm. Continue to learn Chronic Gastritis in TCM.

(2) Patient in the acute period usually with symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, etc. They have serious dehydration so the fluid is need to supply; which include the fresh fruit juice, lotus root starch, rice water, egg soup and other fluidity food; take the boiling water and light saline water according to the patients’ condition.

(3) Avid intake of beef and other food which are easily to produce gas during the acute period to prevent from fermenting and flatulence in the gastrointestinal tract; decrease the intake of the cane sugar and pay attention to the dietary hygiene; Avoid intake of fried, smoked fish and meat with high fat, vegetables and fruit with plenty of cellulose, strong amyctic drinks, food and condiment, etc. 

(4) Forbidding eating for a short time according to the patients’ conditions. Pay attention to drink more water with sugar or salt to prevent from dehydration; avoid intake of food after severe work and exercise and take rest for a while instead; avoid drinking plenty of water or beverage before eating to prevent from those dilute the digestive juice and gastric acid and decrease the defense ability of stomach.

(5) Take control of drinking and avoid engorgement; be careful to take or avoid taking the medicine which is easily to injury the gastric mucosa. The acute and simple gastritis should be treated in time and prevent from recurring after cured; prevent it from turning into the chronic gastritis which is hard to treat. Click to learn Causes of Chronic Gastritis in TCM.

(6) Knead the abdomen in the direction of clockwise in the daily time.

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