Acute Gastritis TCM Therapy

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What are the symptoms of acute gastritis

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(1) Retention of food in the stomach
Chief Manifestations: Fullness and distending in the gastric area, which is aggravated by pressure, or vomiting of sour and decayed and undigested food, the pain is relieved after vomiting and worse after intake of food, belching and sour regurgitation, dyschesia, light red tongue with thick and greasy coating, smooth and replete pulse. 
(2) Heat-damp in summer attacking the stomach
Chief Manifestations: Fullness and distending in the gastric area, a sensation id soft and pain is gained when pressing, poor appetite, day and greasy mouth, heavy sensation in the head and body, lassitude, yellow and fever urine, dyschesia, or with fever and aversion to cold, red tongue with yellow and greasy coating, soggy and thready or soggy and rapid pulse. Continue to learn Chronic Gastritis in TCM.

(3) Cold-evil attacking the stomach
Chief Manifestations: Sudden attack of the abdominal pain, which is continuous and is relieved by warmth and worse when facing cold, always with a disease history of catching cold or intake of cold and raw food, vomiting of clear fluid, aversion to cold, cold limbs, which is relieved by taking hot drinks, poor appetite without thirsty , thin and white or white and greasy coating, deep and slow pulse.

(4) Flaming of the stomach-heat
Chief Manifestations: Fullness and burning pain in the gastric area, dry mouth with bitter, nausea, vomiting of the materials in the stomach with sour and foul or bitter smell, preferring to cold food and aversion to hot food, dry stools, yellow urine, red tongue with yellow and thick or yellow and greasy coating wiry and smooth pulse. Click to learn Causes of Chronic Gastritis in TCM.

(5) Liver depression and stagnation of qi
Chief Manifestations: Fullness and distending in the gastric area, getting pain when the stomach is full and the pain is also in the costal regions, which is worse when with a bad mood, vomiting and acid regurgitation, frequent attacks of belching, decreased diet, light red tongue with thin and white coating, wiry pulse.

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