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Definition of amenorrhea in TCM

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definition of amenorrhea in tcmAmenorrhea is either primary or secondary. The former refers to non-occurrence of menstruation in women over 16 years old with the development of the second sex sign or women over 14 without the development of the second sex sign. The latter refers to stoppage of menstruation for 6 months or 3 cycles in women who had regular menstruation. Amenorrhea in adolescence, pregnancy and breast-feeding is physiological phenomenon.

Amenorrhea is usually caused by congenital defect, insufficiency of kidney qi, essence and blood; or by multiparity and excessive sexual life which impair the liver and kidney leading to deficiency of essence and blood and hypofunction of the thoroughfare and conception vessels; or by improper diet, overstrain and anxiety which damage spleen qi and leading to insufficiency of transformation; or by constitutional weakness, or serious disease and prolonged duration of illness, multiparity, loss of blood affecting fluid, deficiency of blood in the thoroughfare and conception vessels; or by impairment of the liver due to rage, stagnation of liver qi, unsmooth flow of qi which lead to stagnation of the thoroughfare and conception vessels; or by improper care during menstruation, or exogenous pathogenic factors attack, or internal impairment due to intake of uncooked and cold foods which result in cold coagulation in the thoroughfare and conception vessels; or by obesity, internal exuberance of phlegm-dampness, or failure of spleen yang to transport, leading to accumulation of dampness into phlegm in the thoroughfare and conception vessels as well as in the uterine collaterals. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Amenorrhea.

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