Amenorrhea TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for amenorrhea

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1) Sit-up. There are many blood capillaries and points in the groin and take sit-up can stimulate the blood capillaries to promote blood circulation of groin; the gynecological disease can be treated and relieved via this method; besides, sit-up also can stretch the muscle of the back, ligament and the acantha to regulate the nervus centralis system. Moderate exercise also can improve the immunologic function and increase the resistance to the disease. 

2) Strengthen the exercises and improve the living environment; people can take exercises such as jogging, quick walking, etc. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Amenorrhea.

3) Pushing the liver meridians: Lie in bed and keep the right leg straight and the left leg bend; fold hands and press them at the root of thigh; push forward along the liver meridians on the inside of thigh to the knee joint; push repeatedly for 40-50 times; then the manipulation is taken on the other leg; it can be done separating by the cloth; some soothing oil is applied if the manipulation is taken on the skin directly will get better effect. Take it every night and it is helpful to soothe the liver and regulate qi, activate blood circulation to dispel stasis, clear away liver-heat and improve the complexion.
There are three meridians on the inside of thigh: The liver meridian in the middle while the spleen meridian is close to the front and the kidney is on the other side. Sit down and bend the knee; keep the inside of thigh upward; and the liver meridian is in the middle; it doesn’t matter if pushing partially to the spleen meridian or kidney meridian.
4) Insist on practicing Taiji. It is good for the rehabilitation as it can regulate the Zangfu, qi and yin-yang to strengthen the constitution.

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