Amenorrhea TCM Therapy

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How to prevent amenorrhea

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(1) Avoid spicy and fried food and eat less raw and cold food such as cold drinks, pear, watermelon, banana, persimmon, balsam pear, cucumber, chufa, leaf mustard, crab meat, sea food, etc.

(2) Its better eat more food for promoting qi and nourishing blood such as yam, red dates, black sesame, Radix Polygoni Multiflori (Heshouwu), red bean, black bean, polished round-grained rice, sticky rice, haricot bean, cowpea, chestnut, Arillus longanae, chicken, rabbit meat, pig tripe, ox tripe, goat tripe, beef, mandarin fish, loach, mushroom, Jew’s-ear, potato, sweet potato, carrot, lily flower, spinach, honey, etc. 

(3) Its better eat more food for strengthening the immunity such as yoghourt, sweet potato, tea, chicken soup, beef, mushroom, fish, shellfish, garlic, oat, etc. 

Daily Life
(1) Keep a regular daily life and avoid staying up late; sleep before 11 o’clock at night is better for the hematopoiesis of body and the recovery of energy.

(2) The housing conditions should be dry and ventilated and avoid aquosity; avoid lying and sitting at the wet places; people should change the cloths and dry the body at once if wading into the water, getting wet in the rain or sweating after work; avoid bivouacking in the damp and heat summer. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Amenorrhea.

3) Pay attention to keep a happy mood, avoid metal stimulation and relieve kinds of spirit pressure; the mood of pessimism, disappointment, inhibition and anxious will greatly influence the disease condition.

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