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How TCM diagnoses anemia

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(1) The patient has a history of suffering from hemorrhage, dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, denutrition, contact with or administration of the substances or medicines which are harmful to hematopoietic system,chronic infection, serious diseases of the heart, liver or kidney, or malignant tumor. Continue to read Chinese medicine treatment for Anemia.
(2) Physical examination: sallow complexion, pale lips and eyelids, pale flat or fragile finger nails, or mucocutaneous blood spots, jaundice, enlarged liver, spleen and lymph nodes can be seen.

(3) Laboratory examination may show decreased red blood cells and hemoglobin.If distinct decrease of leukocyte and thrombocytopenia is also found, it is indicated that the disease may be aplastic anemia. When necessary, bone marrow smear and other laboratory examinations are recommended to ascertain the nature and causes of anemia.

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