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Definition of apoplexy in TCM

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definition of apoplexy in tcmApoplexy is mainly characterized by sudden syncope, loss of conciousness, hemiplegia and deviation of the eyes and mouth. In a mild case, only hemiplegia together with contortion of the facial muscles can be seen, without occurrence of syncope. 

The disease is caused by long-term internal disorders, overstrain, improper diet and emotional disorders and is usually induced by sudden change of weather, overstrain, emotional upsets and trauma. In general, the pathogenesis includes deficiency, fire, wind, phlegm, qi and blood. Although the brain is the involved organ, the disease is closely related to the heart, kidneys, liver and spleen. In terms of the nature, it is mainly a case of principal deficiency and secondary excess, upper excess and lower deficiency. Deficiency of liver yin and kidney yin and deficiency of qi and blood are the principal; while fire and wind stirring up each other, accumulation of phlegm dampness, obstruction of blood stasis and disorders of qi and blood are the secondary. But above all, the basic pathogenesis of the disease is disorder of qi and blood involving the brain. Clinically, manifestations of apoplexy are similar to those of acute cerebrovascular disease in western medicine, including ischemic and hemorrhagic cerebrovascular diseases. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Stroke (Apoplexy).

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