Asthma TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for asthma

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1) Taiji and Qigong are helpful to activate the collaterals, blood vessels, lymph , circulation system, promote the blood circulation and metabolism, strength the functions of heart and lung, treat the chronic alimentary canal disease, strength the immunity and constitution. And they are especially with obvious affection on treating all kinds of chronic diseases. It is advisable to take them for half an hour a day.
2) Abdominal breathing.
People take abdominal breathing should according to the individual differences and ability, and not with undue haste. It should be taken step and step and the time and amount can be decided according to the people’s own condition. It is advisable to take it twice a day, morning and night. And each time for 10 minutes.
3) Swimming
People should control the amount properly and according to the individual differences. It is better to take a rest after swimming for 50 meters and the whole distance should be no more than 500 meters. It will be more effective if people can insist on swimming everyday or every another day.

4) Exercise with nature factors
Many nature factors such as sunshine, air and water can be used to improve the regulating function of body, increase people’s adaptive capacity to the changes of external environment. Then people’s resistance for diseases will be increased. The common methods are sun bath, air bath and water bath. Walk in a beautiful environment with fresh air or take cold or cool air bath( cold for 6-14℃ and cool for 15-20 ℃ would be good choice. And people should do some preparation before the air bath. It is better to combine it with other exercises. The concrete lasting time should be decided according to the individual differences and usually not cause the chill to people.

5) Massage
Press the points of Yingxiang (LI 20) (both sides of nosewing), Renzhong (at the junction of the superior 1/3 and middle 2/3 of the philtrum), Fengfu (the right depressed part at the back of head), and Hegu (LI 4) (between the first and second metacarpal bones, approximately in the middle of the second metacarpal bone of the radial side), each for 60 times. And insist washing the face and nose with cold everyday. 

7) Take appropriate work and rest and do some exercise and labor work properly. To be done for half an hour a day until a little sweat is got. It is helpful to strength the constitution and ensure the normal operation of qi and blood.

8) Avoid taking exercise in the cold and dry places. People will increase the respiration rate during the exercises which will strength the loss of moisture and heat and it would be worse in the cold and dry places. As it will lead to the increasing of osmotic pressure in the air flue mucosa then the cold mucosa brings out the convulsion of bronchia. So it is better for people to take exercise in the warm and wettish environment.
9) Avoid taking activities in the public place with dreggy air so as to prevent from the infection of the air tube.

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