Asthma TCM Therapy

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How to prevent asthma

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1) keep a balance between the rest and work and avoid cold. People should take rest in bed during the acute period.

2) For the people who often touch the dust or chemical gas should wear the respirator and other prevention instruments. 

3) Avoid touching the sensibiligen again when knowing it. For example, if the dust or acarid is the sensibiligen of asthma, people should keep the room clean and sun the bedding frequently and open the windows to keep the air fresh in the room. Continue to learn Chinese medicine treatment for Asthma.

4) Strengthen nutrition and avoid emotional stimuli, common cold, and excess fatigue. It is also very important for the prevention of asthma.

5) People with asthma should take warm, bland and soft food, have small frequent meals. For resolving phlegm and promoting dampness, people should take more carrot, towel gourd, seed coix seed, orange, gingkgo and so on; for clearing away heat, people can eat green bean, cole, and grapefruit etc.

6) Drink more light saline water and eat more digestible food to maintain defecating unobstructed.

7) Avoid smoking, drinking and the food which are spicy, excess cold and excess hot. 

8) Don’t keep cat, dog and other small animals in the room. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Asthma.

9) Pay attention to the physical exercise of children and often keep them wash in cold water and wipe body with dry towel to strength the skin. It is helpful to relieve the nervous state of the lung, trachea and the pneumogastric nerve of bronchia.

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