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What're the folk recipes for asthma

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1) Jiawei Qi yi cake
Ingredients: Raw euryale seed 180g, raw Rhizoma Dioscoreae (Shanyao) 90g, raw Job’s tears seed 90g, raw chicken’s gizzard-skin and wheat flour 400g.
Process: Grind the first three ingredients into fine powder and soak the powder of the chicken’s gizzard-skin in boiling water for half a day; then mix very small thin cakes with wheat flour, the powder and sugar and the water in which the chicken’s gizzard-skin is soaked, and toast the cakes rill dark brown. To be taken any time as one please. It can tonify the lung, the spleen and the kidney, and remove phlegm and eliminate dampness. It is good for a patient to take it regularly if he or she suffers from bronchial asthma at remission state.

2) Jiaomu
It has the functions of relieving asthma and inducing diuresis. Grind it into fine powder; fill capsules with it, 0.4g for each. To be taken twice or three times a day, 6-8 capsules each time, 3-7 days making up a course of treatment. It has relieving effect on bronchial asthma.

3) Powder of Placenta and Testis
Ingredients: One human or animal placenta and equal amount of testis of sheep or goats or pigs.
Process: Roast them in an oven, grind the roasted placenta and testis into fine powder, mix the powder well and make capsules with the mixture. To be taken twice a day, 2 to 3g each time. Applicable to bronchial asthma at remission stage, especially good for those who indicate syndrome of deficiency of the kidney.

4) Spirits of Ginseng, Gecko and Cordyceps
Ingredients: Radix Ginseng (Renshen) 30g, Cordyceps (Dongchongxiacao) 30g, walnut kernel 30g, a pair of gecko(without heads and feet), plain spirits 2000g.
Process:Soak the first four ingredients in the 2000g of plain spirits in a tightly sealed ceramic or glass container for 20 days. Then sift the clear liquid at the upper part for drinking. To be taken twice a day before meals, both in the morning and in the evening, 10 to 20 ml each time. The dregs can be re-used and soaked once more by adding a right amount of plain spirits to them. The spirits can tonify the lung and kidney, invigorate yang and yin, improve inspiration by invigorating the kidney and relieve asthma. It is applicable to bronchial asthma at remission stage marked by the syndrome of deficiency of both the lung and the kidney.

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