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What are the symptoms of asthma

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Since the pathogenic factors are prevailing in the stage of attack, the therapeutic principle at this stage is to eliminate the pathogenic factors as a symptomatic treatment. The treatment should be focused on eliminating these factors and resolving phlegm. Cold-phlegm should be warmed and resolved so as to release lung qi, whereas warm-phlegm should be cleared and resolved in order to lower lung qi. Since the body resistance is weakened at the remission stage, the treatment should be based on the principle of strengthening the body resistance as a causative treatment. Cases with yang deficiency should be treated by invigorating therapy, while those with yin insufficiency by nourishing treatment. According to the involvement of the zang organs, methods of nourishing the lung, invigorating the spleen or strengthening the kidney are applied accordingly.

Stage of Attack tack
(1) Retention of Cold-phlegm in the Lung:
Chief Manifestations  Dyspnea with wheezing induced usually by cold, white, thin and clear sputum, suffocative feeling in the chest, dark and bluish complexion, no thirst, or thirst with preference to warm drink, cold limbs, aversion to cold, tendency of occurrence in cold weather or after cold attack, pale tongue with white and smooth coating, and wiry and tense pulse.

(2) Retention of Phlegm-heat in the Lung:
Chief Manifestations: Dyspnea with hoarse voice, wheezing sound in the throat, over inflated chest, frequent irritable cough, abundant yellow and thick sputum, irritability, flushed face, thirst with a desire to drink, red tongue with yellow and greasy coating, and smooth and rapid pulse. Continue to learn Chinese medicine treatment for Asthma.

(3) Blockage of Phlegm in the Lung:
Chief Manifestations: Dyspnea, feeling of oppression in the chest, wheezing sound in the throat, cough with abundant thick and white sputum aggravated in the early morning, nausea, sticky and greasy sensation in the mouth, thick and greasy tongue coating, and smooth pulse.

(4) Attack on the Lung by Stagnated Liver Qi:
Chief Manifestations:  Dyspnea with wheezing sound in the throat, suffocative sensation in the chest, abdominal distension, which are induced by emotional irritation and relieved by belching or by passing flatus, thin and white tongue coating, and wiry pulse.

Stage of Remission
(1) Lung Deficiency Syndrome:
Chief Manifestations: Frequent spontaneous sweating, aversion to wind, liability to catching cold which is frequently induced by climate changes, dyspnea, low voice, mild rale in the throat, cough with thin and white sputum, pale and lusterless complexion, pale tongue with thin and white coating, and thready and weak pulse. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Asthma.

(2) Spleen Deficiency Syndrome :
Chief Manifestations: Poor appetite and abdominal distension, formless stools, diarrhea induced by intake of greasy food, shortness of breath, spiritlessness, lassitude, cough with white thick, clotted sputum in the morning, pale and swollen tongue with teeth marks on the margins, and thready and soft-superficial pulse.  This syndrome is often induced by improper diet.

(3) Kidney Deficiency Syndrome:
Chief Manifestations: Shortness of breath induced and worsened by exertion, tinnitus, soreness in the lower back; or aversion to cold, cold limbs, pale complexion, pale and tender tongue with thin and white coating, and deep and thready pulse; or flushed cheeks, dysphoria with feverish sensation in the five centers (chest, palms and soles), night sweating, red tongue with little coating, and thready and rapid pulse. This syndrome is often induced by overstrain.

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