Night Blindness TCM Therapy

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How to prevent night blindness

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(1) In order to prevent night blindness, people should eat plenty of vitamin A-rich foods, such as egg, animal liver and so on. Carotene is also known as pro-A or original A. Carrot, broccoli, broccoli, Lycium are rich in carotene. Therefore, animal liver, various dairy products, Lycium, carrot, broccoli, and fish are the best foods for the treatment of night blindness

(2) First, scientific organize nutrition. Infants and development period of youths should promote food diversification, expect eat the staple food, also eat the non-staple foods, including fish, meat, egg, bean, dairy, animal offal and fresh vegetables and so on. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Optic Atrophy.

(3) Patients with sever condition should be quiet to rest in the bed in the evening.

(4) Do more outdoor activities to exposure to sunlight, pay attention to hygiene to prevent systemic diseases.

(5) Stop over using of eyes, such as long time reading books, watching TV, playing video games. Control the development of refractive error of myopia and over oppression of retinal tissue.

(6) The following foods are suitable for patients with night blindness:
1) Spinach: Spinach contains large amounts of p-carotene and iron, which are then best resources of vitamin B6 and potassium. Abundant vitamins can prevent the occurrence of night blindness.
2) Sweet potato is rich in carotene, which stand first on the list of carotene of earthnut. Expect the carotene in sweet potato is lower than carrot’s, is 50-100 times more than the potato’s, taro’s and Rhizoma Dioscoreae’s. Large amount of carotenes can be converted into vitamin A, which maintains the visual ability of the eyes in the dark, so, patients with night blindness should eat more sweet potatoes.
3) Sheep liver has the effect of boosting the blood, tonifying liver and improving eyesight. It’s effective to treat dark eyes due to liver deficiency and night blindness due to dim sight.
4) Ox liver has the effect of nourishing blood, tonifying liver, and improving eyesight. Ben Cao Jing Shu record: ox liver can tonify liver and treat sparrow blindness (night blindness). Ox liver is rich in vitamin A,
So, it is applicable to eyes disorder due to malnutrition in children and night blindness. Patients with night blindness should eat fig, Polygonum Multiflorum, tomato, mulberry, walnut, dates, Chinese-date, soybean, Rhizoma Dioscoreae, black fungus, mushroom, turtle, lily bud, Indian Kalimeris Herb, Chrysanthemum Nankingense, amaranth, duck liver, etc.

(7) Eating apple frequently can prevent and treat night blindness. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Optic Atrophy.

(8) Boil wild chrysanthemum in the water until it is boiling, then fume the eyes with the steam. It is very helpful to the eyes if apply for a long-term.

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