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Definition of cataract in TCM

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definition of cataract in tcmSenile cataract, a type of common cataract, is one of the major causes of blindness worldwide at present. It is clinically defined as an opacity of the lens of the eye with progressive deterioration of vision. The prevalence of the disease is often seen in the aged above 50 and its incidence usually increases with age.  The onsetting age of 60% to 70% patients of the disease is over 50 to 60 and that of 80% patients over 70. The pathogensis of the disease, which is not totally known now, is generally believed to be related to ultraviolet ray and holopathy such as diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, genetic factor, lens nutrition and metabolic condition.

From the clinical manifestations, the disease should pertain to "Yuanyi Neizhang" (cataract) in traditional Chinese medicine. Usually, it occurs as the result of aging, debility, deficiency of liver and kidney yin and asthenia of essence and blood, or ocular malnutrition caused by digestive disorder due to spleen asthenia. In addition, when the eye is affected by the stagnated heat of liver meridian or by yin deficiency with damp-heat, the disease may also arise. Continue to read Causes of Senile Cataract in TCM.

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