Cataract TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for cataract

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(1) Breathing eyes attentively method: Select a place with fresh air, sit down or stand up with whole body relaxed, keep eyes look forward, breath in slowly, at the same time, open eyes and stop for a while, then breathe out with eyes closed, repeat it for 9 times.

(2) Applying eyes method: Sit down with whole body relaxed, close eyes, rub two palms quickly until it becomes hot, then cover the eyes with both hot palms, take palms away when the palms become cold, at the same time, open the eyes, repeating it 3-5 times can improve blood circulation of eyes and enhance metabolism.

(3) Turning eyes method: Select a quiet place, sit down or stand up with whole body relaxed and distractions eliminated, open eyes without turn the head and neck, just turn eyes, stare at direct lower place first, turn to the left place, then turn to direct upper place to the right place, finally stare back to the direct lower place, do this exercise clockwise for 9 circle, then state at the lower place to the right to upper to left, finally turn to lower place, then do it again anticlockwise for 6 circle, repeat it for 4 times. When doing this exercise, make sure the eyeballs rotate to achieve the limit. This turning eyes method can exercise eyes muscles, improve nutrition to make eyes flexible and bright.

(4) Tai Chi and Qigong can smooth meridians, blood vessels, lymphatic and circulatory systems, promote blood circulation and metabolism, improve heart and lung function, treat chronic gastrointestinal diseases, enhance the body immunity, enhance physique, especially have a significant therapeutic effect for a variety of chronic diseases. It’s suggested to doing these exercises for more than half an hour a day.

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