Cataract TCM Therapy

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How to prevent cataract

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(1) Have a regular diet and life. Pay attention to alternate work with rest and do exercises.

(2) Control weight. Avoid smoking and drinking. Drink less strong tea, coffee and other stimulating beverage. Drink plenty of water and have a low-salt diet.

(3) Control blood glucose and blood pressure.

(4) Control reading, writing and watching TV times properly. Reading, writing and watching TV times should be controlled in one hour. Close eyes to have a rest, or do eye exercises, or do outdoor exercises for several minutes every other one hour. Reduce the times of working or reading with close range in the light to avoid eyestrain.

(5) Guarantee enough sleep. Patients with insomnia or neurasthenia should take sedative-hypnotic drugs or Chinese patents drug for regulation.

(6) Open mind, control emotions and handle correctly when suffering from untoward things or annoyed household affairs, and keep a good mood.

(7) Sun block for the eyes: The relation between the onsets of cataract and ultraviolet rays is the closest. So, it’s suggested to wear sunglasses and wide-brimmed hat for protection when exercising in outdoor bright light.  

(8) Patients with refractive changes should go to hospital for an examination and wear suitable glasses.

(9) Under the guidance of doctors, patients should drop eyes with eyedrops for treating cataract or take oral administration of drugs treatment on time. Take surgical treatment when the time is right. Continue to read Chinese medicine treatment for Senile Cataract.

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