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What're the folk recipes for cataract

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(1) Same amount of Semen Plantaginis (Cheqianzi), Rhizoma Rehmanniae and Liriope Spicata.
Process: Grind them into powder and make pills as big as phoenix tree seeds by mixing the powder with the honey, take it 1-2 times a day, 20-30 pills for each time.
Efficiency: To treat prolonged cataract.

(2) Borneol and Serpentis Exuviae powder:
1 Serpentis Exuviae, 0.6g borneol and 0.3g Peltophorum tonkinense Gagnep.
Process: Burn Serpentis Exuviae into ash and grind with other ingredients into thin powder, drop little amount of the powder into the eyes, three times a day.
Efficiency: To treat cataract.

(3) Cut bitter gourd into slices and dig out the seeds in the bitter gourd, boil the bitter gourd in the water for one hour until it is well-done, drink the bitter gourd soup 1-2 bowls. It can treat phlegm in the throat. Apply boiled and cold bitter gourd peels to eyelids and drop the bitter gourd fluid into the eyes, treating half an hour a day can cure cataract and restore eyesight. It best time for treatment is before sleep.

(4) 1g snake shell, 3 periostracum cicada and 5g white chrysanthemum. Decoct them in the water, three times a day, continuously taking 20 days can relieve slight corneal opacity and improve eyesight. The effect will be much better if combine with morning dew drops. Avoid drinking wine and eating mutton and dog meat. 

(5) 3-5 live leech, 5g honey. Soak leech in the honey for 6 hours, then put the honey fluid in a sterilized bottle, drop eyes with the fluid, once a day.

(6) Mango tea: Infuse one mango in the boiling water, take it as a drink. It can treat cataract, hot eyes, gum in the eyes and slight corneal opacity caused by glaucoma.

(7) Strawberry: Eating strawberry frequently can keep in good health and treat senile cataract, because strawberry is rich in vitamin C, which has the effect of protecting eyes. 

(8) Wash fresh tomato with boiling water and remove the peel, eat one tomato with empty stomach in the morning and in the evening, or make fresh egg and tomato into soup, season it with flavorings before eating. Tomato is rich in glutathione and vitamin C, which has a good effect to prevent and treat senile cataract. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Senile Cataract.

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