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Definition of cholecystitis in TCM

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definition of cholecystitis in tcmIn TCM, cholecystitis belongs to the categories of "xie tong" (hypochondriac pain), "dan zhang" (biliary distension) and "huang dan" (jaundice). Cholecystitis is the inflammation of gallbladder, caused by biliary stone, bacterial infection and other factors. It may be acute or chronic, clinically manifested as various severity of pain in the upper right or upper middle abdomen and nausea and vomiting as well. Acute cholecystitis is characterized by high fever and chill, or by jaundice. It is more often found in people aged between 40 - 65 and in fat persons, more common in females than in males. Besides, the disease is related to diet constitution. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Cholecystitis.
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