Cholecystitis TCM Therapy

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How to prevent cholecystitis

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1) Pay attention to the dietetic hygiene and avoid overeating. People should eat mainly base on the food of low fat and cholesterin and control the intake of fat, fried food, dried fruit with heavy oil and fat, kernels (peach kernel, peanut kernel, cashew etc.), yolk, animal purtenance, roe and so on.

2) It is better to take plant oil instead of animal oil. It holds that the plant oil is helpful to promote the gallbladder in modern time’s medicine. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Cholecystitis.

3) People should pay attention to the intake of all the alcohol and excitant food or the food with strong flavor which will lead to the sudden attack of cholecystitis.

4) Keep rest and avoid over working and agitation and psychentonia which is helpful to prevent from the attack of cholecystitis. And keep a good mood.

5) Have a diet with the food which are easily to digest and with fewer dregs as it is helpful to avoid gas. And keep bowels smooth. 

6) Take proper manual labour and exercise.

7) Ensure proper amount of the intake of water every day.

8) If people are also with cholelithiasis and they should treat it positively. People cannot exclude the possibility of cholelithiasis even there is no gall-stone found with B-ultrasonography. And it is better to take a examination with B-ultrasonography every half year.

9) People with a history of parasite should take methods to lustrate the parasite positively so as to remove the hidden danger.

10) It is better to take a bed rest and fast when the people of chronic cholecystitis face an acute attack.

11) Keep warm in cold season.  Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Cholecystitis.

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