Chronic Gastritis TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for chronic gastritis

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1) Fresh ginger (Rhizoma Zingiberis Recens)
It can warm the middle-jiao and dispel pathogenic cold, so those who show syndromes of stomach-cold or asthenia-cold can take it. The common dosage is 3 to 9g.

2) Dried ginger (Rhizoma Zingiberis)
It has better effects of warming the middle-jiao and dispelling pathogenic cold than fresh ginger; it can be used to treat stomachache of stomach-cold type and asthenia-cold type. The common dose is 3 to 9g.

3) Chuan jiao (Pericarpium zanthoxyli)
Also known as prick-lyash peel, shujiao It has the functions of warming the spleen and stomach, and dispelling pathogenic cold. Its indications are the same as those of fresh ginger. The common dosage is 3 to 6g.

4) Radish (Napus) 
Able to keep adverse qi downwards,eliminate retention of food and promote digestion, it is used to treat stomachache of the types of stagnation of qi or retention of food.

5) Gruel of Galangal Rhizome and Cyperus Tuber (Liang Fu Zhou)
galangal rhizome, Rhizoma Alpiniae Officinarum (9g), cyperus tuber, Rhizoma Cyperi (9g), polished round-grained rice, Semen Oryzae Sativae (100g)
PROCESS: Decoct the first two ingredients in water, sift the decoction from the dregs; then add the rice and a right amount of water to the decoction and make them into gruel.
DIRECTIONS: To be taken twice; it is applicable to patients suffering from stomachache of stomach-cold type or that accompanied with symptoms of stagnation of qi.

6) Pork StomachStewed with Pepper and Amomum Fruit (Hujiao Sharen Dun Zhudu)
pork stomach (1)
black pepper, Fructus Piperis Nigri (6g)
amomum fruit, Fructus Amomi (Sharen)  (6g)
dried ginger, Rhizoma Zingiberis (Ganjiang) (6g)
tangerine peel, Pericarpium Cirri Reticulatae (3g)
cassia bark, Cortex Cinnamomi (Rougui) (3g)
green Chinese onion, Bulbus Allii Fistulosi (right amount)
soy sauce and table salt(right amount)

PROCESS: First wash the pork stomach clean, place it in an earthenware pot with a right amount of water, and add in all the ingredients; then stew it over slow fire until it is well-done.
DIRECTIONS: To be taken as much as the patient thinks it fit.  It is used to treat stomachache of stomach-cold type or asthenia-cold type.

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