Chronic Gastritis TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for chronic gastritis

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(1) Massage the abdomen. Take a supine position, apply clockwise circular rubbing to the abdomen by the center of the right palm, or massage gently form the upper abdomen to the lower abdomen, 3-4 times a day, about 5 minutes each time. Massaging the abdomen can promote gastrointestinal movement, increase gastric secretion, help digestion and absorption of food, and can relieve abdominal distention and pain.

(2) Take a walk. When walking, with all the internal organs in a slight trembling state, together with rhythmic breathing, the abdominal muscles can contract before and after rhythmically, and the tabula muscles move up and down. It can play a beneficial massage role for the stomach and intestine. In addition, it also can stimulate the secretion of gastric digestive juice, promote gastrointestinal movement to enhance gastrointestinal digestive function. 

(3) Practice shadow boxing (Tai Chi). It can promote celiac blood circulation, improve the nutritional status of the stomach and increase gastrointestinal movement. Insisting on practicing Tai Chi for a long-term can eliminate symptoms of chronic gastritis gradually so as to gradually return gastrointestinal function to normal.

(4) Practice Qigong, which is an effective health protection method to treat stomachache. Qigong has the effect of making people relaxed and keep quiet, can adjust the functional status of the cerebral cortex, inhibit exciting, and has the best effect to gastritis caused by mental factors. Patients with chronic gastritis can practice Neiyang Gong or Zhisong Gong. Specific methods can refer to related books. It’s better to practice Qigong under the guidance of the Qigong master. Continue to learn Erosive Gastritis in TCM.

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