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How TCM diagnoses chronic gastritis

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(1) The main clinical manifestations include vague pain, burning pain, dull pain or distention in the epigastrium, especially after meals, frequently accompanied with belching, nausea, vomiting and anorexia. In general,there is no obvious physical sign, but slight tenderness appears sometimes.

(2) The secretion of the gastric juice is generally normal in chronic superficial gastritis, but its acidity is sometimes lower or higher. The secretion of gastric juice in a patient with atrophic gastritis is generally less than that in normal patients. The shortage of gastric juice depends on the location and scope of the atrophic area.

(3) The gastroscopy is the most reliable method to diagnose chronic gastritis. The pathological changes of chronic superficial gastritis are commonly seen in the gastric antrum manifested as congestion, edema, or bleeding and erosion of the mucous membrane. Chronic atrophic gastritis is mainly marked by glandular atrophy in the gastric mucosa or epithelial hyperplasia, the erosion and bleeding of the mucous membrane may also be present. Continue to learn Causes of Erosive Gastritis in TCM.

(4) The examination of the pylorus helical bacillus is generally positive, which may be done through gastric juice culture and smear, or urease test.

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