Chronic Hypotension TCM Therapy

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How to prevent chronic hypotension

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(1) If patients feel severe dizzily, or even faint when getting up, they should move four limbs slightly, rub the face, press the abdomen before get up. When get up, patients should sit in the bed for a while, then stand up slowly. The legs should be blocked up slightly when sleep.

(2) Have a regular life, and have a nutritious diet. Eat more foods with warming spleen and kidney, upbearing yang-qi functions, such as, venison, dog meat, mutton, rooster, wine, black pepper, hot pepper, ginger, chive, longan, strong tea, coffee, etc.

(3) Drink plenty of water, and drink more soup. Patients should intake of table salt more than the ordinary people everyday. Eat less wax gourd, watermelon, bottle gourd, phaseolus calcaratus, and some foods with improving urination to maintain blood volume. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Hypertension.

(4) Cheek the body whether suffering from chronic deeline, such as adrenal cortex dysfunction, chronic heart failure, etc. 

(5) Take bath with warm water (about 40 ℃) to improve blood circulation. But the time for bathing each time should not be too long.

(6) Patients should pluck up their spirits and encourage themselves. It’s beneficial to the recovery of the diseases.

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