Constipation TCM Therapy

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What're the folk recipes for constipation

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(1) Take one or two bananas and daub them with honey after taking off the pericarp, and then take the banana on an empty stomach in the morning before drinking 200-300ml warm water.

(2) Mix milk powder(60g),coffee(5g)and warm water(200ml) together and then put them into the refrigerator. Take them once daily.

(3) Take 30g of semen juglandis and semen sesami nigrum respectively and smash them. Take them once daily with boiled water and empty stomach.

(4) Smash 50g tomato and then take the juice, then add some honey into the juice, take them on an empty stomach in every morning.

(5) Put tofukasu(50g)and warm water(200ml) into a glass bottle, and then add honey and lemon juice, mix them by spoon. Take them once daily.

(6) Boil 120g of diced pumpkin, and then add 400ml of milk into them, then put them into a bottle and preserve in the refrigerator. Take them once daily.

(7) Slice 200g of coagulated pig blood, cook them with spinach(250g) and water(500ml). Seasoning them after them are done. Take them for one or two times.

(8) Put yoghourt(150ml) into a glass bottle and then add some powder of green tea(two spoon) and some honey. Take one cup of them on an empty stomach for once or twice daily. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Constipation.

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