Coronary Heart Disease TCM Therapy

How to prevent coronary heart disease

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(1) Increase the intake of marine fishes, vegetable, fruit, legume, olive oil and so on.
1) Marine fishes especially the pilchard, salmom, tunny, weever and sturgeon that are full of Ω-3 fatty acid; and this special fatty acid can increase the amount of the high density lipoprotein cholesterin and decrease the amount of the glycerin trilaurate; it also can improve the myocardial function and decrease the arrhythmia and the fibroid throbbing of atria. For the patients of the coronary heart disease, the fatty marine fishes should be taken for 3 times a week and each time for about 100g and it is helpful to control the patient’s condition and decrease the myocardial infarction.

2) Vegetables and fruits are full of vitamin C, β-renieratene, folacin and other matters for antioxidation, so they can protect the cardiovascular system more effective; the pectin matters in vegetables and fruits can combine with the cholesterin and fat effectively and then expel them form the body; this is very important in preventing from the atherosis of the artery and the Coronary Heart Disease.

(2) Take proper nuts daily, such as walnut, almond, hazelnut, peanut, semen pini koraiensis and so on; they are helpful to prevent from the heart diseases. 

(3) People should have a bland dinner and eat less amount of stuff which is digestible; besides, some soups should be combined with as the blood will become dense if the intake of the water is not enough; so, please don’t decrease the intake of water because of worrying about frequent urination in the night; the time for watching TV before sleeping should be controlled and avoid excessive exciting TV programs; go to bed on time and with a habit of putting the feet in the warm water and massaging the sole centre before getting on bed to relax oneself.  More information of Coronary Heart Disease treatment, click to learn Coronary Heart Disease Tablets.

(4) Early morning is the time for frequent attacking of angina pectoris and myocardial infarction and the most dangerous time is the moment when people waking up. So for the patients with the coronary heart disease, the first thing to  avoid is to wearing clothes in a hurry but laying supine for 5-10 minutes instead; during this period, people can massage the praecordia and the head, take deep breath, take yawn, give a stretch, move the limbs and then get up, get off the bed and wear clothes slowly; later, drink a cup of warm water to dilute the dense blood.

(5) Patients with the coronary heart disease should adopt the posture of laying offside with the head on a higher place and the feet on a lower one to decrease the attack of angina; for the patients with serious conditions and suffer from cardiac failure, they should adopt emireclining position to ease dyspnea and avoid laying leftward or prostrate laying.

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