Cough TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for cough

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1) Take exercise appropriately and avoid excessive exciting items; it is good for improving the respiratory system and strengthening the resistance to cold and diseases. 

2) Walking is the simplest and most safe exercise; people with weak constitution can start from the slow walking and walk for 500-1500 meters a day; then speed up gradually; take exercise for half an hour every day or take once every another day and each time for more than a hour. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Asthma.

3) The exercises such as climbing floors, jogging, Taiji, etc. is also beneficial for the lung function; the exercise of respiratory function should be better taken outside the door and in persistent and regular way. 

4) Steep feet is a very effective way to treat the disease: steep feet in the warm water for 20-30 minutes before sleeping till the fever in the body is gained; it is helpful to strengthen the constitution, prevent from disease, stimulate the blood circulation and relax the muscles and joints.

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