Cough TCM Therapy

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How to prevent cough

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1) Pay attention to keep a balance between rest and work and avoid catching cold; people should lie in bed for rest during the acute attack period;

2) People who usually contact dust or chemistry should take preventive measure such as wearing mask, veil, etc.

3) Drink more light saline water and eat the digestible food to keep the bowels open.

4) Avoid smoking, drinking, and spicy, excessive cold and excessive hot food. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Asthma.

5) Pay attention to the oral hygiene and keep a habit of brushing teeth after meals to avoid the developing of the bacteria.

6) The food such as the malva verticillata, honey, tomato, carambola, lemon, Chinese olive, kelp, radish, etc is helpful to clear away heat and moisten lung and can be taken appropriately. 

7) Avoid a long time of talking and shouting at the top of voice. 

8) Pay attention to regulate the mood and avoid spirit stimulation; relieve from all kinds of pressure as the mood of pessimism, disappointment, inhibition and anxiety will influence the patients’ condition greatly.

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