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What're the folk recipes for cough

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1) Get 10g of the folia eriobotryae and wash them clean; decoct in water for the decoction; take it three times a day; it is applicable to the cough with the phlegm and fever.

2) Get 12-18g of the persimmon frost and infuse in warm water for drinking; it is applicable to the dry cough with pain in the throat.
3) Drink of Soya-bean Milk
Soak the soybean in water and grind for the juice; cook the juice till it is boiling; add the sugar for drinking; take a bowel of the soya-bean milk with an empty stomach every morning; it is applicable to cough due to the lung-heat; it is helpful to invigorate the spleen, moisten the lung, stop cough and resolve phlegm.

4) The cooked egg with vinegar is effective in treating kinds of cough. Process: Break an egg into the bowel and mix it up; put half spoon of the rice vinegar in to the pot and cook with low fire till it is boiling; add in the egg and stir-fry till it is done; cool it down and serve; eat one egg in the morning and night respectively; the cough can be stopped after taking two days of treatment and the patients with severer condition can be cured after three days of treatment.  

5) Wash the ginger clean, remove the peel and cut it into pieces; keep one piece in the mouth when coughing; it is very effective in stopping cough. 

6) Momordica grosvenori Tea
Wash the Momordica grosvenori clean and break it; infuse the whole Momordica grosvenori with the boiling water; it is red brown color in and a little sweet in taste; take it several times a day; the cough can be relieved after a day of drinking and be cured after two days of treatment. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Asthma.

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