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Definition of deafness in TCM

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definition of deafness in tcmTinnitus refers to various degree of hearing loss. Slightly deafness refers to unture hearing, which accompanied with otalgia, congestion sensation in the ear, is often caused by earwax embolism or middle ear lesion. Severe deafness refers to hear loss completely. Generally, there are two conditions. One is caused by repeatedly occurrence of tympanitis, lead to serious tympanum adhesion and ossicular chain dysfunction, thus, ear sound transmitting organ is impaired obviously, which developed into severe deafness. The other is nerve deafness, which is slight at first, but gradually develops into severe deafness, mainly is seen among old people. It’s also caused by streptomycin, kanamycin and other drug side effects, or high fever, bomb shock, and trauma. The sudden deafness can be occurred among few patients, manifested as tinnitus, deafness, dizziness, which is caused by virus infection, blood-supply disorder inside the ear, is mainly seen among middle-aged and the aged people, and mental worker.

TCM believes that: Effulgent liver-gallbladder fire, liver fire stirring the upper, the stagnation of the phlegm-fire; Deficiency of kidney-essence, life-gate fire deficiency can cause tinnitus and deafness. Continue to read Chinese Medicine Treatment for Sudden Deafness.

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