Deafness TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for deafness

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1) Mulberry and Honey Paste (Sangshen Mi Gao)
INGREDIENTS: Fresh mulberry(1000g or dry mulberry 500g), Honey(300g)
PROCESS: Wash mulberry clean, decoct it in water for 30 minutes, take the decoction, add water to decoct for the second time, then mix the first decoction and the second decoction over a slow fire until it becomes sticky, season it with honey before eating, infuse the paste with boiling eater for one spoonful, twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.
Efficiency: To tonify and nourish the liver and kidney, boost qi and blood. It’s applicable to white beard and hair, tinnitus, deafness, constipation, insomnia, amnesia, blood deficiency after illness, prematurely senile.

2) Lycium Gruel (Gouqi Zhou)
INGREDIENTS: Wolfberry fruit (Lycium),15g; Rice(right amount)
PROCEE: Make gruel with all the ingredients for eating. Continue to read Chinese Medicine Treatment for Sudden Deafness.

3) Lotus Gruel (Lianzi Zhou)
Lotus seed(30g), Sticky rice(100g)
PROCESS: Make gruel with all the ingredients for eating. This gruel has the effect of boosting qi, improving intelligence, improving the hearing and vision, tonifying spleen and stomach, and reducing blood pressure. It’s most applicable to the senile tinnitus and deafness with hypertension.

4) Agaric and Lean Meat Soup (Muer Shourou Tang)
INGREDIENTS: Black fungus(30g), Lean meat(100g), Ginger(3 slices)
PROCESS: Stew all the above ingredients in water for 30 minutes. This soup can tonify kidney and decrease blood viscosity. It’s applicable to tinnitus patients with hyperlipidemia.

5) Soup of Laver and Carrot (Zicai Luobo Tang)
INGREDIENTS: Carrot(2), Laver (Porphyra),10g; Peanut oil(2 spoonful)
PROCESS: Stir-fry the sliced carrots with 2 spoonful peanut oil until boiled, add right amount of water into the pot, then stew over a slow fire for 10 minutes, put the laver into the pot before the soup out of the pot, season it with right amount of table salt and chicken powder before eating. This soup is rich in vitamin and can improve the hearing for long-term eating. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Sudden Deafness.

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