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How to prevent deafness

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(1) To prevent and treat deafness due to acute infectious disease actively, and do better in the prevention, isolation and treatment of infectious diseases, enhance the body (especially children body) resistance. Continue to read Chinese Medicine Treatment for Sudden Deafness.

(2) To prevent catching cold. Some sudden deafness may be related with cold indirectly, so, preventing cold can reduce a etiologic factor.  

(3) Pat attention not to over-fatigue. Live a regular life, have diet on regular rations. This disease mainly occurs in middle-aged people. So the middle-aged people should pay more attention to this point.

(4) Maintain a good mental state: participate in social activities actively and keep optimistic. Avoid frenzy and ecstasy, because it can make the neurohumoral regulation in the body out of balance, resulting blood circulation disorder in ear and the occurrence of deafness.

(5) It should ne strictly controlled the use of ototoxicity drugs. If has the intoxicating phenomenon, patients should stop taking the medicines immediately and take some vitamin and dilation of blood vessels drugs.

(6) Limit intake of fat. Highly intaking of fatty foods can heighten the blood lipid and blood viscosity, causing atherosclerosis. The inner ear is very sensitive to blood-supply disorder. When blood circulation disorder occurs, it will lead to nutritional deficiency of auditory nerve, causing deafness. Patients should eat less various giblets, fat meat, butter, egg yolk, roe, fried foods and other foods rich in lipids. The cooking method can choose stewing, boiling, and avoid deep frying or frying. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Sudden Deafness.

(7) The experts found that the noise can increase consumption of some amino acids and vitamins (such as vitamin B1, B2, B6, etc.) in the body. When the body lacks of vitamin foods, especially the lack of vitamin D, its metabolic derivatives calciferol will reduced, and the inner ear hearing cells will occur degenerative changes. At the same time, vitamin deficiency can cause increase of erythrocyte hardness, and difficult to get through peripheral microvessels, leading to hearing cells anoxia and zinc deficiency, which is also related to senile deafness. Therefore, patients should eat foods rich in vitamin D, iron, zinc and other elements in our daily diet. Such foods mainly include lean meat, beans, agaric, mushrooms, all kinds of green vegetables, carrot, tomato, garlic, oyster, etc.

(8) Treat hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cerebral arteriosclerosis and diabetes actively. Senile patients with these diseases suffer from disorder of the blood circulation in the inner ear easily, causing sudden deafness. Active treatment of these diseases is very important to prevent microcirculation disorder and delay senile hearing loss.

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