Diabetes TCM Therapy

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Dietary Therapy for diabetes

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1) Patient of Polydipsia type can take Drink of Five Juices (Wu Zhi Yin Fang)
Ingredients:Lotus 100g, Pear 200g, Chinese Water Chestnut 100g, Maidong (Radix Liriopes) 15g, the root of Reed 30g.
Process: Wash the lotus, pear,and Chinese water chestnut then chop them in pieces and press them into juice. Boil the Maidong (Radix Liriopes) and the root of reed then filter them and get the juice;then mix up all the juice and drink them once per day.

2) Patient of Polyphagia type can take Gruel of Chinese Yam and Japonica Rice (Shanyao Jingmi Zhou)
Ingredients: Rhizoma Dioscoreae (Shanyao) 50g, Rhizoma Polygonati (Huangjing) 15g, Radix Glehniae (Beishashen)15g, Japonica rice 50g.
Process: Grind the Chinese yam into fine powder;Boil the Huangjin and Shashen(Radix Glehniae) and filter them and get the juice. Cook the powder of  Chinese yam and Japonica rice with the juice. Take it as the breakfast.

3) Patient of Polyuria type can take Stewed Rabbit meat with Lycium chinense.
Ingredients: Lycium chinense 30g, Rabbit meat 250g, Onion 100g, salt and oil.
Process: Boil the lycium chinense and rabbit meat in moderate water until it is done, then add the onion, salt and oil into it. Once every two days.

4) Other Treatments:
(1) Take the pumpkin in daily life.
(2) Corn stigma(Stigma Maydis) : Put 30g of corn stigma in 1500 ml of water to decoct it until 700ml is left. Take half of it at a time, twice a day.
This recipe is especially applicable to patients suffering from diabetes and hypertension concurrently.

Dietetic Chinese Drugs
1) Oyster shell (Concha Ostreae) This recipe is also named "Yijia Decoction."  Grind 60g of it into fine powder then add 600 ml of water, cook it until 200 ml is left. Take it warm.

2) Rhizoma Dioscoreae (Shanyao) This recipe is also named Single Ingredient Chinese Yam Drink.  Make a decoction of 1500ml with 120g of Chinese yam.  Sip it warm as a drink at short intervals.

3) Mulberry (Fructus Mori) Press the fresh fruit of mullberry to get the juice.  Take 15 ml at a time.

4) Sarcocarp of dogwood fruit (Fructus Corni) Make a con centrated decoction with 30g of sarcocarp of dogwood fruit and take it as a drink.
The above-mentioned drugs are applicable to the type of deficiency and exhaustion of vital essence due to unconsolidation of the lower-jiao. They can be used either alone or in combination.

5) Snow pear (Pyrus nivalis) Cut one sweet and juicy snow pear into thin slices and soak it in cool water freshly drawn from the well for half a day; drink it frequently.

6) Flesh of clam Get the flesh from live clams and mash it; boil it in water until it is done.  Take it warm, several times a day.
The afore-listed two recipes are applicable to the type of dryness of the lung and impairment of yin fluid. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Diabetes.

7) Corn stigma (Stigma Maydis) Put 30g of corn stigma in 1500 ml of water to decoct it until 700 ml is left.  Take half of it at a time, twice a day.  This recipe is especially applicable to patients suffering from diabetes and hypertension con-currently.

8) Wheat bran (Exocarpium Fructi Tritici) Make gruel with wheat bran as food.  It is applicable to diabetics with obvious symptoms of vexation.

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