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Functional exercise for diarrhea

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(1) Self massage on abdomen: hug the abdomen with both hands, apply clockwise and anticlockwise circular rubbing manipulation to abdomen for three times, repeat it for several times, do it for one time before sleep every night and after getting up in the morning.

(2) Adopt kneeling position, doing the movements of trunk and four limbs, stretch the sacrum (GV1) to the back, at the same time, abdomen in and anus lift up.

(3) Strengthen the exercise for abdominal muscle gradually, which include strengthen abdominal respiration exercise.

(4) Lie on the bed with the hot-water bag and sandbag on the middle and lower abdomen, or practice breathing exercises, nourishing qi exercises. After doing the exercises, apply clockwise and counterclockwise rubbing and kneading manipulation to the ab

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