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How to prevent diarrhea

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(1) The best ways to prevent acute diarrhea:
1) Absolute diet in acute stage: In the stage of acute diarrhea, abstinence from food temporary to give rest to intestinal tract. If necessary, venous transfusion can be adopted to prevent dehydration due to excessive water loss.

2) Light diet with liquid foods: Patients who don’t need to abstinence from food, can have light diet with liquid foods in the early stage, such as egg white water, juice, thin rice or millet gruel, thin noodle soup, etc. focus on the salt food. Avoid milk, cane sugar and some liquid food which can produce gas. Some patients with diarrhea will aggravate after drinking milk.

3) Adjust the diet according to the disease conditions. After the decrease of bowl movements and relieve of the symptoms, have a low-fat diet with liquid foods or digestible semi-liquid foods, such as rice gruel, lotus root starch, noodle, slice of bread, etc.

4) Dietary choices: When stop diarrhea, eat low-fat semi-liquid foods with little dregs. Have more meals a day but less food at each. Eat digestive foods, such as noodle, gruel, steamed bread, soft rice, lean muddy flesh, etc. Limit vegetables and fruits with plenty of coarse fiber.

5) Replenish vitamin: Pay attention to replenish multivitamin B and C, such as fresh orange juice, fruit juice, tomato juice, vegetable soup, etc.

6) Taboos in diet: Avoid wine, fat meat, hard vegetable with plenty of coarse fiber, raw and cold melon and fruit, greasy dessert and cold drink.

(2) Have a regular diet to prevent exogenous diseases.
(3) Take proper exercises to improve disease-resistant ability.

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