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What're the folk recipes for diarrhea

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(1) Sthenia diarrhea: Diarrhea due to eat too much, which is the performance of impairment movement of spleen-stomach, and indigestive. Fry or boil hyacinth bean for eating can tonify spleen, help to digestion, resolve dampness and relieve diarrhea.

(2) Asthenia diarrhea: Manifested as barborygmus, dizziness, and loose stool. Eat 100g of longan meat, then eat a little longan shell. Longan has the effect of strengthening the heart and tonifying the stomach. The longan shell has the function of relieving diarrhea.

(3) Cold diarrhea: it caused by eating too much cold foods, manifested as afraid of cold, and watery diarrhea. Boil a 250g of crucian and chives until it well done, eat the meat and drink the soup to warm stomach and relieve diarrhea.

(4) Hot diarrhea: Diarrhea with fever, just like enteritis. Boil 250g of mung bean with water for eating. Mung bean can dispel heat and dampness, diminish inflammation.

(5) Diarrhea in the five watches of the night: Diarrhea in the early morning due to deficiency of the kidney. Boil 250g of Rhizoma Dioscoreae for eating every evening. Rhizoma Dioscoreae can tonify kidney and spleen-stomach.

(6) Prefer to hot and aversion to cold: This syndrome can choose thermotherapy, such as hot compress on the abdomen, moxibustion to Shenque (RN8), Guanyuanshu (BL 26), Zusanli (ST 36), and apply with onion or salt therapy. It can relieve pain, eliminate distension and relieve diarrhea.

(7) Relieve diarrhea by moxibustion: adopt mild therapy. Hold lighted moxa roll, apply to Zhixie acupoint until a local warm and pain sensation occurs, 10-15 minutes once, 2-3 times a day. It can be cured for 1-3 day moxibustion.

(8) Relieve diarrhea by pressing Zhixie acupoint with zanthoxylum: Apply kneading and pressing manipulation with zanthoxylum to bilateral Zhixie acupoint for 15-30 minutes, then fix it with adhesive plaster, 3 times a day.

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